Welcome to Alix & Company

The pieces you see here are my designs, but each is the result of many collaborations.  Jewelry is a complicated art form; perfection and functionality are often best realized by combining the skills, talents and ideas of a variety of people—not least of which are the clients who bring their own specific needs and desires to the process.

I love my work.  I feel honored every time one of my pieces is chosen to celebrate some happy occasion, every time I get to engage with a client to create a new, significant and personal symbol of a major moment in their life.  Having worked in this field for many years I take pride and pleasure in finding the very best and most effective way to turn jewelry ideas into jewelry realities.  And I am blessed to have, as my inspiration and raw materials, the amazing and wonderful crystal forms that constitute the metals and gem stones found on our planet.

In honor and respect for the planet, we at Alix & Company source all gemstones as ethically as possible and use recycled metals.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

—Janet Alix, Owner & Master Jeweler

Karen Amlacher

is our German-trained goldsmith with over 25 years of experience.  She completed her formal training while still in Germany in the Gewerbliche Schule Essen Ost. She is highly skilled in fabrication and modern design of high-end jewelry. She enjoys working in the creative, collaborative team at Alix & Company where she has contributed since 2011.

Alix & Company Fine Jewelry Mill Valley from Alix & Co. Fine Jewelry on Vimeo.