"Janet has such a wonderful store. My now-fiancee and I worked with her to create an engagement ring designed just for me. I loved the look of vintage rings, but was worried that they wouldn't hold up to my active career and lifestyle. She had great ideas about how to make the band strong, and the result was an amazing ring with a mix of vintage and modern class. I get tons of compliments on my ring, and everyone says they've never seen a ring quite like it! We were so pleased with her work that we got my fiancee's wedding band from her as well. I would definitely recommend Alix and Company to anyone who is looking to create their perfect engagement ring." —Claire S.

"This store is a real find for true jewelry connoisseurs who are not satisfied with pedestrian things that everyone else has; their work takes my breath away every time I walk past their windows and duck in to peek around.  Owner and designer Janet Alix is a genius, and in-house goldsmith Karen accomplishes amazing things.  I don't often have a chance to buy the kind of top quality, exquisitely-designed pieces they make (all of which is designed and fabricated in-house), or to have a piece custom designed, but I know where I'm going when I take the next plunge." Wendy H.

"Janet is a patient and highly skilled artisan.  She designed my amazing wedding ring around my family diamond.  It came out better than I could have ever imagined.  I just love it.  I also get tons of compliments on it.  No one has ever seen such a beautiful and different ring. Over the years I have also gotten earrings and a necklace that match the design of my wedding ring.  They are equally gorgeous and unique.  The work at Alix and Company is top notch and worth every penny. If you are considering getting a piece of jewelry from Janet, go for it!  You won't regret it!"—Laura S.

"I wish to thank everyone at Alix & Co. for the wonderful, warm service we received, while entrusting you all with the difficult, and delicate, task of creating the singular most important symbol of my lifetime commitment to my betrothed.   I would especially like to thank you, Janet, for your dedication to customer satisfaction.  As a fellow small business owner, I genuinely appreciate your personal sacrifice to ensure my fiance's happiness regarding her engagement ring.  Knowing that she will forever look at the rings on her finger with cherished memories, means the world to me.  One has but one chance to make a good first impression and the staff at Alix & Co. has certainly done that with us.  We will certainly return to purchase future handcrafted works." —Stephen L.

"My Fiancée and I purchased my beautiful engagement ring from Janet last year. We have been thrilled with it ever since. Our experience with Janet and her staff has been amazing. We stop in often just to say hello and are now both planning to buy our wedding bands there. If you are a unique individual and appreciate beautifully designed and well made jewelry or want jewelry that's not the typical 'every girl has one' , I highly recommend checking out her collections. I get so many compliments on my rose cut diamond ring because its so unique and the setting is also! It's definitely great to shop and support your local business especially knowing you can always go back in with any future updates, cleanings, sizing's etc with no problem! 5 stars for Alix and Co. Big Fan!!!"  —Kaylan G