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Here is a stack of rings that could happily be worn together as a set.  The top ring is a ruby, the second ring is golden sapphire, and the ring on the bottom is a red spinel.  All of these rings are made in twenty-two karat gold.  

Here (as promised) are the fun facts for the gemstone obsessed:

1. Ruby? Spinel? This photograph is a great example of how similar in appearance these two gems can be.  The spinel is a little brighter with a hint of cherry but you can see why people used to think red spinel was just a very pretty ruby.

2.  Golden Sapphire?  Aren't sapphires blue?  Yes they are - blue and everything else as well...  Sapphires are part of the gemstone family named Corundum. The red ones are called rubies and as for the rest, well you can name almost any color under the rainbow,  add the word sapphire after it, and we probably have one here in the store.  Yellow, purple, green, white, pink, pale blue, dark blue, these are all sapphire colors.  And after diamond these are the hardest natural stone - just perfect for a ring stack!

STACK OF THE DAY February 05 2015

Every morning we take our jewelry out of the safe and arrange it in the jewelry cases.  You might think we would get a little bored but instead we are always making new discoveries.  One of our favorite games is "Stack Of The Day".  A stack of rings that might be impossible to wear in real life but that look just gorgeous together.  

We put together this stack of ocean colors for all the water baby Pisces girls to dream on.